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Emergency Assistance

The need that started it all, emergency assistance. The founders of BHOA wanted a solution to help the community in a way that no other program could. They are people with big hearts and they opened their arms to their community when they created this non-profit. It's not based on income like so many mandated programs are that could potentially limit those who have fell on hard times. The emergency assistance is raised by the volunteer based board from fundraisers and donations from the community, who also have big hearts and open arms. 

The program has evolved over time and some of the assistance that have been granted are fuel to get to doctor appointments, electricity bill to avoid disconnect, groceries, and hotel accommodations for a medical appointment. The emergencies vary and are voted on by the board of directors on a case by case basis. We DO NOT assist with rent, rental deposits, mortgage payments, or the like. Your application will not be considered if you submit an application for this reason.

If you are in an emergency situation and need assistance please complete our application and contact one of our board members to turn in. Applications are also available at Lincoln Electric Cooperative or by contacting a board member.

Application for Assistance

Contact Information

Misty Bell (406)407-2160

Tina Conard (406)407-2185

Fawnette Richard (406)882-4997

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